Gomez Hyper SL

Geplaatst op: 2023-10-31T00:00:00 in nieuws

De Hyper SL is een nieuw stuurwiel van Gomez sim industries zonder scherm welke op 10 november in de voorverkoop gaat. Het stuurwiel is beschikbaar in verschillende kleuren en configuraties, met prijzen vanaf €1114,- ex btw en verzendkosten.

De Hyper SL biedt tal van functies zoals 6.5ncm Rotary Encoders, verschillende multi-switches, RGB led rev lights, en "CEMS N52" V3 Shifters. Ook zijn er 5 backlit RGB led push-button rotary encoders met 5-weg functionaliteit en standaard "HSE" dual clutches, met een optie voor een 6-paddle configuratie.

Het stuurwiel heeft 72 totaal toewijsbare inputs en 86 adresseerbare rgb leds.

Gomez Sim Industries Hyper SL

Staying true to the GSI Hyper lineup, the Hyper SL has the same number inputs, tons of RGB LEDs, and the same high quality materials and construction, now in a screenless silhouette.

Gomez Hyper Sl 6

Our Best Rotaries Ever

Engagement at 6.5ncm means our new rotaries are the most stiff and tactile ever put into a GSI wheel.

Precision Meets Art

In order to create the complex geometry and fit seamlessly together, the Hyper SL components are machined to an accuracy of just 50 microns, the width of a human hair.

simOS Architecture

All new GSI wheels run on simOS, our custom firmware optimized specifically for sim racing. It includes features like predictive algorithms to optimize input responsiveness, an intelligent power management interface, and a suite of useful features that integrate directly with the simOS app.

Gomez Hyper Sl 8

72 Mappable Inputs

Map your inputs exactly as you'd like with nearly endless configuration options.

86 Addressable RGB LEDs

Customize the look and feel of your wheel on-the-fly and use real-time telemetry to influence how the LEDs function.

5 Push-Button Encoders

New and improved for the Hyper SL, our new rotaries are more tactile and satisfying to use than ever before.

12 RGB LED Push-Buttons

Tactile and responsive with engagement at 500 gram force and 4 fully addressable RGB LEDs per button.

3 Seven-Way Switches

Versatile and incredibly useful for controling in-game menus, black boxes, car settings and more.

Standard Dual Clutches

Find the perfect bitepoint and get off the line faster than ever before using our Launch Control feature in simOS.

Gomez Hyper Sl 7

3 + 12 + 3 LED Rev Lights

Know exactly when to shift and get additional information via the side indicator LEDs like traction control, ABS, flags, and more.

Zero-Flex Construction

6061 aerospace grade aluminum and 4MM thick genuine carbon fiber make the Hyper SL one of the most rigid wheels on the market.

Dust Resistant Handles

New and improved for the Hyper SL, the silicone handles feature a new dirt and dust resistant formula.

300MM Diameter

The perfect balance for formula and GT-style racecars, and more comfortable to drive during longer stints.