iRacing companion app

Geplaatst op: 2022-05-03T00:00:00 in nieuws

iRacing komt deze zomer met een companion app waarin niet alleen het laatste iRacing nieuws is terug te vinden maar ook statistieken en "schedules" in terug te vinden zijn. Nieuw is de app niet want iRacing heeft de iSchedule app overgenomen en is op de achtergrond bezig met een doorontwikkeling en het rebranden van de iSchedule app.

Voorheen was iSchedule altijd een betaalde app maar in afwachting van de officieële app heeft iRacing besloten de iSchedule app "gratis" beschikbaar te maken.

iRacing companion app

iRacing is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the iRacing Companion App, which will be available this summer on the App Store and Google Play. This free application will give all iRacers the opportunity to follow their favorite series, set reminders for races, follow along with all of the latest iRacing news, and much more.

The iRacing Companion App will require an iRacing account to use, and will include the following features:

  • See all of your licenses, statistics, and fastest times
  • Explore all of iRacing’s series and mark your favorites, with filters by license class, category, setup type, your eligibility, and more
  • Explore all of iRacing’s cars and tracks, with filters by ownership, content type, release, price, and more
  • Add reminders for upcoming races, including your favorite series and League races
  • Get the latest news stories from the iRacing website and UI

The iRacing Companion App is the result of iRacing’s acquisition of the existing iSchedule app, and will succeed that app in the coming months. iSchedule developer Vincent Maestre and the iRacing web team will continue to develop and add new features to the new iRacing Companion App, while iSchedule will become a free download and will remain active during its transition period.