OverPower, OP child rig

Geplaatst op: 2022-06-14T00:00:00 in nieuws

Het Finse bedrijf OverPower komt met een speciale rig voor de "kleinere" racers onder ons. Niet persé een hele goedkope optie met een prijs van €399,- maar laten we het er op houden dat een kart + bijbehorende kosten hoger uit valt. 

Volgens de specs zou de rig opgebouwd moeten zijn uit HPL (hout) en aluminium profielen (misschien zie ik ze over het hoofd maar waar dan precies?) en geschikt moeten zijn voor kinderen van 3 tot 10 jaar oud. 

OverPower OP child rig

OP Child Rig is a driving simulator platform designed for children. With its eye-catching design, easy-to-use and wide adjustment options, and rugged design, it is a must-have simulator platform for young enthusiasts enthusiastic about digital motorsport.

Household friendly solution

Furniture placed in the living room and children's room is important to be easy to use, suitable for the interior and practical to maximize the benefits. In the design of OP Child Rig, we took all these elements into account, as we wanted to create a product that is long-lasting and the best solution to allow children to play. OP Child Rig's shapes and structural solutions have been carefully designed as artesan-level development work.

Every detail from curvature to ergonomics has been carefully reviewed, allowing us to guarantee aesthetics and solidity. We designed OP Child Rig as a fully integrated platform. All peripherals are attached directly to the rig, with accessories available from the monitor to the gaming platform mount, making your simulator compact and easy to manage. 

A long term solution for children

Shared joy is the best joy! How entertaining is it to share the fun of a driving simulator with friends and siblings? Acquiring multiple driving simulators in the same space can be costly and space consuming, which is why we wanted to make sure that the output of one simulator can be shared with all the children in the household.

OP Child Rig has world-class adjustability. Its groove adjustment capabilities are designed to last and to be operated easily, allowing children to move the seat and pedals to suit the shift driver while driving. Children also grow extremely fast, making easy adjustability extremely important.

Driving comfort from ergonomics

State-of-the-art equipment is important to maintain a hobby regardless of the hobby. For example, if a child is having difficulties to drive the simulator effortlessly, for example from the couch, it will significantly impair driving comfort. This in turn degrades the driving experience and increases the likelihood of quitting the hobby. OP Child Rig is designed with ergonomics first. The steering wheel, pedals, seat, display, handbrake and gear stick can be adjusted to exactly the positions required by the ergonomic requirements of your child's body.

All peripherals and the seat attached to the chassis are welladjustable so that the driver can operate his car without difficulty. OP Child Rig is a unique and well-developed driving simulator platform which is an excellent foundation for children to enjoy digital motorsport successfully.