2 nieuwe Moza accessoires, extension rod en front mount

Geplaatst op: 2024-01-04T08:01:36 in nieuws

Moza komt met 2 nieuwe accessoires, een extension rod welke op het gros van de Moza wheelbases gebruikt kan worden en een front mount voor de R16/21.

De extension rod is met name handig voor de eigenaren van Moza wheelbases die hun scherm zo dicht mogelijk achter het stuur willen monteren maar net te weinig ruimte hebben tussen wheelbase en stuur in de standaard setup.

MOZA Extension Rod

Enhance your racing setup with our 15cm Base Shaft Extension, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum for a lightweight and sleek design. Extend the distance between the base and wheel, replicating a real racing car’s steering column while maintaining compatibility with various wheelbases. Keep your setup professional with the ability to hide the base behind a dashboard or monitor, and enjoy seamless wheel swaps with the retained quick-release mechanism.

Extends the base shaft by 15cm

Increases the distance between base and wheel by 150mm to better replicate a real racing car’s steering column. This enables the base to be easily hidden behind a dashboard or monitor for a sleeker and more professional look.

Aerospace-Grade aluminum construction

The extension rod is precision-machined from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy using CNC technology. Its lightweight design results in extremely low rotational inertia.

Retains quick-release mechanism

The quick-release mechanism remains fully functional allowing you to easily swap MOZA steering wheels.

Compatible products

Compatible with the new R16 and R21, as well as the current R12, R9 V2, R5 and R3 wheelbases.


MOZA Front Mounting

Elevate your gaming experience with our aerospace-grade aluminum wheel base bracket, offering versatile mounting options, space optimization, and seamless compatibility with the new R16/R21 wheel bases.

Aerospace-Grade aluminum construction

Crafted entirely from lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with a wear-resistant anodized finish for increased durability and stability.

Front mounting option

Front mounting is now an option for the new R16/R21 wheel bases giving users more installation choices.

Space optimization

Maximize legroom with the bracket's side mounting option using the included angle brackets, perfect for a Formula-style cockpit.

Multiple adjustable angles

Easily adjusts from 0 to 15 degrees to cater to various user preferences and setups.


Compatible with the new R16/R21 with front installation holes.