Turtle Beach VelocityOne Pro racing

Geplaatst op: 2024-01-19T11:22:18 in nieuws

Sim racing hardware is schijnbaar nog steeds een interessante business om in te stappen anno 2024 want er is weer een "nieuwe" fabrikant die in stapt, Turtle Beach (bekend van o.a. de headsets) komt namelijk met de VelocityOne Pro racing.

Wat er precies "Pro" aan de VelocityOne is is ons niet geheel duidelijk maar dat is om het even. De Turtle Beach VelocityOne Pro is een complete set die zich in onze ogen vooral lijkt te richten op de "casual console" gamers die zo af en toe eens de controller aan de kant willen gooien en een potje willen sturen aan het bureau. Opvallend is dat er zowaar een heuse direct drive in de Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Pro zit echter zijn de specs die er toe doen nergens terug te vinden op de website. 

Prijs van de Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Pro is €700 in de pre order, verwachte verzending is ergens eind februari.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Pro

Designed to provide “high-fidelity, force-feedback performance and unmatched realism,” the new Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Wheel and Pedal set features a high-fidelity direct-drive force feedback experience by way of the custom K: Drive motor – it is said to deliver “ultra-realistic, powerful response while maintaining smooth steering and detailed reactions to in-race events” than you would find from belt-drive systems.

The steering wheel unit also features what Turtle Beach refers to as a sort of heads-up screen known as the Race Management Display. This “advanced digital dashboard” provides real-time race telemetry, full customization, and is will apparently provide integration with popular racing titles – the games that will actually support it are yet to be announced. 

On the inside of the wheel, you’ll find Turtle Beach’s Mag-Shift paddles alongside a pair of analog paddles for shifting and clutch/handbrake control, respectively. 

The new racing controller system also includes a customizable pedal set with an “adjustable throttle, load-cell brakes, and clutch pedal set.” The load-cell braking system employs something known as “Dynamic Braking Tek” with braking measured by the actual force you apply to the pedal, rather than the distance the pedal travels. 


  • Authentic, Complete Racing Setup for Xbox & PC
  • Ultra-Realistic K: Drive Force Feedback Motor
  • Glide through Gears with Mag-Shift Paddle Shifters
  • Tune & Customize your Setup with the Race Management Display™
  • Customizable Throttle, Brake & Clutch Pedals
  • Dynamic Brake Tek Load-Cell Braking System for Enhanced Realism
  • Modular Control Unit for Critical Car Systems & Adjustments
  • Tuner Companion App for Xbox, PC & Mobile Devices
  • Premium, Racing-Grade Design with Versatile Mounting Solutions
  • Turtle Beach Audio Tuning Onboard