Asetek RaceHub v2.5 gereleased

Geplaatst op: 2023-12-13T11:26:01 in nieuws

Asetek heeft een update van zijn RaceHub software vrij gegeven welke luistert naar het versienummer 2.5. Geen hele grote en spannende nieuwe zaken in deze update maar voornamelijk bugfixes en verbeterde support voor games zoals Forza Motorsport en EA WRC.

RaceHub Version 2.5

  • Change the Forte button box rim to a more realistic rim.
  • Make the preset dropdown wider to display more text and add a tooltip where the entire name of the preset can be viewed.
  • Support for Forza Motorsport game data.
  • Support for EA SPORTS™ WRC.
  • Improve how F1 23 uses UDP port the first time the game is run. This solution will also be used for other games.
  • Improve readability of RaceHub on higher resolution displays.
  • Update RaceHub directly through RaceHub.
  • Add serial numbers to the log file to improve customer support.
  • Improve RaceHub’s launch sequence.
  • Smaller UI improvements.
  • The shortcut for creating new presets (LShift+N) can create multiple dialogs.
  • Modified preset doesn't get [Unsaved] added to the name.
  • Legacy mode dialog can't be canceled.
  • Tooltip text is outside tooltip box.
  • In dual clutch mode, pressing the right clutch will activate the left clutch on the image.
  • The tooltips for input port and output port are not displayed correctly.