Augury AP-121

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Misschien wel 1 van de mooist vorgegeven pedaalsets die er te krijgen is (ok, te pre-orderen), de Augury AP-121 is vanaf heden te pre-orderen en heeft een verwachte leverdatum van Juni dit jaar. Prijs van de pedaalset is zelfs met de pre-order korting niet mals.

Voor de 3 pedaals setup moet €1099,- afgerekend worden, de 2 pedaals variant heb je voor €849,- in huis en mocht je na aanschaf van een 2 pedaals setup jezelf toch nog bedenken en de clutch er alsnog bij willen hebben kost je dat €250,-.

Augury SP-121

The human body adequately perceives when mechanical movements are executed in a manner that is natural and not robotic. Augury Pedals 121 (AP-121) is born under this premise, with such precision in movements, forces and pedal travel it assures an experience in the simulators is equal to reality.

The AP-121 are conceived focusing on performance. The materials and components used are of the finest quality and assembled with ultra-precise CNC machinery. Thanks to the fabrication of hard anodized aluminum, rubbers and springs strategically placed, we obtain softer, fluid and more cushioned movements.

Like day one

All the parts have been designed specifically for the AP-121, in this way avoiding torsions, frictions, clearances noises and undesired wear and tear. Data recollection of life cycles confirms our objectives.

Get the most out of simulators

The configuration established in the Augury Software will be stored in the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of the AP-121, in a way in which no additional adaptations, in simulators like IRacing, will be necessary to reproduce the very same sensations already calibrated in these pedals.

Accelerate without fear

Be in constant control of every moment thanks to its linear, uniform and intense movement with dampened travel limits.

The world at your feet

The innovation of the electronic shaft selection, the encapsulation of the elastomers and other techniques of engineering have been key in creating the only pedal in the world capable of uniting, in two brake modes, the possibility of driving any vehicle.

GP mode:
This brake mode is designed for formulas and similar specification vehicles. With a short and hard course just like in reality, several sections of well-differentiated hardness are perceived to obtain maximum precision and control at all times. The maximum force exerted reaches 130Kg in 35mm of travel.

Sport mode:
With a travel of 55mm and a maximum force of up to 60Kg, the perfect sensations have been achieved to drive from street cars to competition vehicles.

We have incorporated a mechanism that simulates the brakes anti-blocking system (ABS), in this manner you will be able to perceive when the tires are reaching their grip limit

Created for you to give you the best

Both brake modes have been designed to have real pressure control, feeling the optimal braking point at all times. Both brake modes have been designed to have real pressure control, feeling the optimal braking point at all times. By configuring the braking correctly in the Augury Software, you will be able to perceive the precise moment before the tires lock up, in this way, you will get those extra thousandths of a second so necessary to improve your lap times.

At the forefront of technology

We have achieved the sensations of a real clutch, reproducing a change of forces in two sections of travel. For this we have designed a rocker mechanism with variable and adaptive geometry, with regressive force.