Gomez Sim Industries Hyper P1

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De Hyper P1 van Gomez Sim Industries is niet goedkoop met een prijskaartje van $1650,- maar voor dat geld krijg je wel echt een hele hoop stuur met een hele hoop features. Houd daarbij in het achterhoofd dat GSI over het algemeen bijzonder hoogwaardige stuurtjes maakt en die $1650,- lijkt ineens een koopje.

Gomez Sim Industries Hyper P1

The Hyper P1 is a culmination of everything the sim racing community has requested from GSI and more. With a strong motorsport driven design language we focused not only on functionality but building a wheel that is worthy of the top spot in our line up. A product that at every turn exudes top tier quality in materials and construction. A true “Halo” product for the most discerning sim racer.

Beginning with a single piece of CNC’d 6061 billet aluminum button and screen surround, the Hyper P1 takes some unique design approaches all with the goal of creating a rock solid foundation that has zero flex and exudes that motorsport grade fit and finish. There are no cheap die cast parts or plastic structural components. It has that rock solid feel you expect for all GSI products.

Unlike most wheels on the market the open bottom silicone handles are overmolded directly to the aluminum back body rather than the carbon front plate for an incredibly strong and non flexible grip providing the user with precise feedback and control.

The four all new integrated thumb rotary encoders are crafted out of billet aluminum and have an incredibly precise and marked detent. Along with the new five front facing rotaries this wheel has an incredible count of nine rotaries! With each rotary having five inputs the options are limitless.
Keeping with our focus on making steering wheels specifically for sim racers we have chosen to have three 7 way multi switches, two located at the reach of the left and right thumbs, and our classic center section funky.

The all new 12 LED backlit buttons have a magnificent 500 gram force accusation for that satisfying tactile click that you can really feel and hear when you're mid battle. Along with the rotaries, shifters and clutches you have a combined possible total of 64 inputs!

Each button has 4 fully addressable RGB LEDs and in combination with the rotaries you are in command of a whopping 88 addressable RGB LEDs through SimHub!

Lastly, you now have the choice to add the additional “options shifter paddles” for multiple input variations from brake bias control to menu flipping to whatever you dream up.

At the end of the day…. This is the wheel to rule them all. The top tier wheel in the GSI line up. The HYPER P1.