Meca komt met opvolger van de Cup serie, de EVO1

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De Meca Cup pedalen zijn al jaren een gevestigde naam binnen het wat hogere segment welke qua kwaliteit en afwerking redelijk vergelijkbaar waren met bijvoorbeeld Heusinkveld Sprint's.

Nu komt Meca met een update genaamd de EVO serie waarbij men verder geborduurd heeft op de loadcell pedalen van de CUP serie. Naast een update van de pedalen komt Meca ook met een nieuwe handrem (Meca EVO Handbrake) en een sequentiele shifter (Meca EVO SQ). 

Aan de Meca EVO1 pedalen hangt een prijskaartje van net iets meer dan €590 voor een set van rem- en gaspedaal. Wil je het koppelingspedaal er ook bij hebben betaal je daar nog eens €120 extra voor. De handrem en shifter komen uit op een bedrag van €285. Niet de goedkoopste optie beschikbaar op de markt, wel een hele degelijke keuze die netjes afgewerkt is.

Meca Evo1 LC

The new MECA EVO1 pedals is an evolution of the previous generations successful pedals, which are enhanced by experience and feedback from sim racers all around the world. This model is therefore more robust, more reliable and even closer to reality.

Meca Evo 10

The new Meca EVO1 pedals increase the emphasis on the robustness, reliability and adjustability

so thus sets the new standard for high-end simracing equipment. The height of the pedals is precisely measured for a perfect ergonomic position for both GT and F1 sitting. Due to their adjustability, the pedals are suitable for all types of simulations from road cars across GT cars to F1 cars.

Solid construction
We use a high quality bearings. Unibals on the rods are made in according to the Automotive enviroment (stainless steel, aluminum and brass).

Meca EVO1 is equipped with new electronics from our own production. The new electronic board has proven RJ11 connectors for easy connection of each pedal.

Excellent quality
Steel parts are made on a CNC Laser. Face plates are treated with ballotin (glass sandblasting).

Variability of attachment
Rig mounting is through pre-drilled holes, according to established standards. The pedals can be positioned in the groove of your choice.

Loadcell technology
All pedals are equipped with a high-quality load cell sensors and the power transmission to the sensor itself has been redesigned..

Fully adjustable
The angle of all pedals can be adjusted and the face plates are height-adjustable. Finding the right settings has never been easier.

New Meca Control Panel
The redesigned Meca Control Panel software now includes 9-point curve settings for each pedal and you can save your own setting profiles. You can also set deadzones and calibrate individual pedals.

Meca Evo 1

With the new accelerator pedal, you will have full control of turn exits.

The pedal has a stiffness adjustment, including a fine adjustment using a pre-loaded spring with a round nut. It is possible to purchase a long faceplate for the heel’n’toe technique. The 20kg load cell sensor with a redesigned power transmission system on the sensor itself ensures precise power transmission. The pedal faceplate is height adjustable and the angle of the pedal can also be adjusted.

It is said, that the brake pedal is the most important piece of simracing equipment and that’s why we paid the most attention to it again.

We continue to use a proven system of cups that protects the polyurethane segments while simulating a pressurized braking system at full braking. It is now possible to set the brake disc gap using the preload spring. The 200kg load cell sensor continues to take care of the power transmission, thanks to which you can brake with a force of up to 136kg. The brake pedal also has a height-adjustable face plate.

Meca Evo1 Hydraulic

Naast de pedalen met loadcell komt Meca ook nog met een hydraulische set, althans het rempedaal is dan hydraulisch uitgevoerd. Aan de EVO1 Hydraulic hangt ook een wat forser prijskaartje, voor de set van gas- en rempedaal betaal je ruim €200,- meer dan de load cell variant. Of dat het ook echt waard is zal moeten blijken.

In order to get even closer to a real race car, we have also developed a hydraulic version of the brake pedal. Therefore, the pedal is equipped with a master cylinder of the Willwood brand and a slave cylinder of its own production. During the development, emphasis was placed on smooth operation, system tightness and durability. The slave cylinder is equipped with polyurethanes with an unrivaled system of cups, which protect the polyurethanes from overload and at the same time simulate the pressure of the brake system.