Sim-Lab X1-PRO beschikbaar voor pre-order

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Bij de Sim-Lab X1Pro draait het niet alleen om de meest ergonomische positie, de mogelijkheid om hem uit te kunnen breiden naar wens maar moest het ook een mooi geheel worden. De X1Pro onderscheid zich vooral op het gebied van de afwerking die volgens Sim-Lab van het hoogste niveau ooit is. 

De prijs van de X1Pro is niet mals met een vanaf prijs van €1799,- zonder seat. Wil je er bijvoorbeeld een Speed1 bucket seat bij dan gaat de prijs met nog eens €350,- omhoog.

Sim-Lab X1-PRO Sim Racing Cockpit

The new X1-PRO Cockpit sets a new benchmark regarding sim cockpit design and focuses on ease use of and ergonomics. This spacious cockpit is built as a podium which provides a sense of freedom that is unparalleled until now. We have chosen not to pursue a cockpit that looks like a race car, instead, we focused on the overall feeling for the sim racer behind the wheel and improved on key aspects such as usability and comfort.

The Sim-Lab® X1-PRO is building upon the P1-X legacy, which has set the benchmark for the industry regarding stability, strength, and upgradability. The base of the X1-PRO cockpit with its 40x120 mm profile structure provides the stiffness the cockpit needs to support the overhung wheel mount construction and at the same time the suspended monitor mount. 

The X1-PRO is focused around a single screen integrated solution, but a triple monitor mount will be available as an upgrade kit, making it compatible with up to 32-inch monitor size setups. The Servo mount is compatible with all the major Direct-Drive manufacturers.

Simlab X1pro Inline 1

Professional grade sim-racing setup

Treat yourself  to a cockpit that was not designed with a small footprint in mind. The X1-PRO was designed to stand out in any space while enjoying your sim-racing career or while practicing for your upcoming race on the real track! A special feature is the dedicated solution for mounting Display Units, making sure your monitor can be mounted as low as possible, and not losing the option to have a Display Unit right behind the wheel.

Simlab X1pro Inline 2

Attention to detail

High-quality materials are used throughout this premium cockpit, and it shows!  Aluminium cap washers are used to give this cockpit a high-end look. Materials used by Sim-Lab are renowned for being the best of the best, we are known for our industry-leading high-quality aluminium extrusion and hardware.

Simlab X1pro Inline 3

Floor deck

The X1-PRO Cockpit is all about the floor deck. This gives you the sensation you are sitting on a podium. With no obstructing or protruding profiles around your legs & lower torso it feels extremely comfortable and spacious.  Getting in and out of the cockpit is much easier, while at the same time the X1-PRO side table gives you a wealth of space to keep accessories and such within reach.

Simlab X1pro Inline 4

Made for direct drive

The X1-PRO is made to tailor direct-drive servo motors. With the wheelbase tunnel and our DDU bracket, you can mount one of our multiple DDU's right behind your wheel without sacrificing flexibility. A 120 mm wheel extension is included with the cockpit. 

To make the X1-PRO cockpit compatible with other wheelbases, we also have a wheel deck available as a separate accessory.


  • Podium style cockpit
  • Single monitor mount VESA 100x100 included
  • Spacious design
  • Upgradable from P1(-X)
  • All-in-1 solution
  • Extremely rigid construction