Simucube lanceert "throttle pedal" als aanvulling op zijn active pedal set

Geplaatst op: 2023-05-25T00:00:00 in nieuws

Simucube komt met een gaspedaal als aanvulling op zijn onlangs gereleasde "active pedals" set. Geen complex pedaal met allerlei snufjes dit keer maar gewoon een passief loadcell pedaal.

Simucube throttle pedal

Tampere, Finland, May 25th, 2023 –The global leader in premium sim-racing gear, Simucube, announces the launch of its eagerly awaited passive Simucube Throttle pedal to accompany the second batch of Simucube ActivePedals.

Introducing the Simucube Throttle, the ideal companion powered by ActivePedal. Simucube Throttle is crafted for convenience and outstanding performance and provides easy-to-operate physical adjustability.

Simucube Throttle presents a unique advantage: it requires no tools to adjust the travel and spring preload. This user-friendly pedal makes it a perfect choice for newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts to accompany their first ActivePedal in the high-end force feedback sim racing arena.

Built like a tank and designed for ease of maintenance, the Simucube Throttle is prepared to endure years of high-octane racing if you can resist the temptation to upgrade all your pedals to have complete software control and force feedback. A full 5-year warranty now backs all Simucube Pedals to assure you of their quality and longevity.

– The plan was to launch passive pedals alongside the ground-breaking Simucube ActivePedal. However, ActivePedal was ready earlier, and we wanted to release this revolutionary technology as soon as possible. Waiting would have deprived us of valuable customer feedback and prevented the ActivePedal from reaching its current extraordinary level, says Hannu Harju, CEO

Simucube sold out the first batch of ActivePedal, customer reactions and first reviews are already out on Discord and YouTube, and demand for the second batch has been very high. The second batch is on sale on 25th of May 2023 with the Simucube Throttle.

– While our software development has been focused on bringing exciting upgrades for our ActivePedals and soon also to Simucube 2 wheelbases, our hardware designers have poured their high standards into the Simucube Throttle. It is now easy to use and ready for sale, stated Tero Kontkanen, CTO