Moza update R16 en R21 wheelbases

Geplaatst op: 2023-12-07T08:00:00 in nieuws

De Chinese fabrikant Moza brengt een update uit voor zowel de R16 als de R21 wheelbase al zijn de wijzigingen minimaal. De next generation FFB processing is normaal gesproken een software dingetje, aanpassingen op de poorten lijken ongewijzigd maar blijken eerder al stilletjes aangepast te zijn door Moza, front mount optie was er altijd al voor zowel de R16 als de R21 en de dual mode communication uit het persbericht lijkt ook ongewijzigd te zijn.

Blijft over de prijzen, en daar is ook niets aan veranderd, €1099 voor de Moza R21 wheelbase en €869 voor de Moza R16 wheelbase. 

MOZA R16 and R21 DD Wheelbases: Redefining Sim Racing Excellence

Dec 7th - MOZA Racing, a leading pioneer in the world of sim racing, is excited to unveil the latest iterations of the MOZA R16 and R21 DD wheelbases, ushering in a new era of precision, performance, and versatility for virtual racing enthusiasts. These upgraded models bring a breath of fresh innovation to the sim racing community.

NextGen Force 2.0

The R16/21 DD base now integrates MOZA's cutting-edge force feedback filtering algorithm, providing an immersive experience with lifelike oversteer and understeer sensations.

Seamless Connectivity

Experience the ease of direct connectivity for MOZA peripherals, such as pedals, shifters, handbrakes, and digital dash. 

Versatile Mounting Options

 Featuring four front-facing holes designed for MOZA's front mounting bracket, this versatile design supports both front and side mounting options, optimizing legroom and catering to formula-style seating preferences.

Dual-Mode Communication

MOZA's patented technology ensures stability and durability with a military-grade wired conductive slip ring, enabling seamless, high-speed rotation while maintaining wireless communication between the base and wheel.

21Nm of Torque

The new models retain the formidable 21Nm of torque, providing unparalleled immersion for drivers.

Inspired by Supercars

Drawing inspiration from contemporary supercars, the new R16 and R21 wheelbases exhibit a robust design and a two-tone paint finish that exudes sophistication.

Robust Build

Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the R16/21 ensures a solid, weighted feel, enhancing the overall racing experience.

Exceptional Motor Design

Zero torque ripple, notching, or cogging, coupled with powerful torque delivery, ensures crystal-clear feedback, even during hard braking, curbs, and drifts.

Temperature Control

The new models maintain reliable temperature performance, even during extended endurance races, thanks to real-time onboard temperature monitoring.

MOZA Pit House Control System

MOZA Pit House control suite allows for maximum customization of your racing experience. See the status of each device, set max turn angle, forced feedback, pedal travel, LED indicators, and much more! With both click-and-go presets to fully customizable advanced tuning, everyone from beginners to pro drivers can easily find that perfect setup. 

Real-Time Adjustments

The MOZA app facilitates on-the-fly changes, whether it's fine-tuning force feedback or adjusting pedal settings, with one-click importing for hassle-free setup transfers.

Unbeatable Value

The latest models hit the market at a price point that not only undercuts the original launch figures but redefines the concept of unbeatable value. This is a game-changer for gamers and sim racers seeking to enhance their racing immersion. 

The MOZA R16 and R21 DD wheelbases represent a monumental leap in precision, performance, and immersion within sim racing. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a passionate beginner, these wheelbases promise to redefine your racing journey. With their new features and unbeatable prices, there has never been a better time to experience the upgraded MOZA R16/21.